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sweater keren: Hi, this weekend is nice for me, for the reason that this time i am reading this impressive educational article here at my house.

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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

8:32 PM

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Related article: Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 02:30:08 EST
From: WandererF65aol.com
Subject: Danny's StoryFor adults readers only!Danny's StoryPt. 1Let me introduce myself. My name is Danny and I'm 19 and gay. I identify as
Goth, or what you may call `EMO.' I don't self identify as Emo, because I
am rather well balanced upstairs. I had a good home life growing up. I love
my family and they love me. I'm also out as gay to my family and they have
accepted me and still love me.For those of you who don't know; the word `Emo' is often associated with
over `emotional' youth. I have emotions, like everyone else; however I
rarely get depressed and have never wanted to cut or kill myself. Some Emo
kids cut themselves because they say it's the only time they can actually
`FEEL.' That is sad!For me, real busty preteens
being Goth, or if you insist `Emo,' 100preteen is more of a fashion statement.I don't care if people call me `Emo;' I don't find it offensive. I just
wanted you to understand, that I'm just me. Also, I don't wear dark makeup
around my eyes. Because I don't like looking like a raccoon. lol I'm of
Scottish/French decent, 5/10 tall, 30" waste, weigh 155 pounds, my hair is
dyed black, (of course) and I have piercing blue eyes. I also have a few
body piercings, tongue, nipples, navel, one per ear, one tattee (in a very
private place), other than sideburns, I have no facial hair. I shave twice
a day. I also shave below the belt. My only noticeable body hair below my
neck is my treasure trail and a small triangle of pubes just above my nonude african preteen cock.I guess I am good looking because girls, boys, and men tell me so. I am
also mostly preteen pantie ads attracted to older men; hence I keep my piercings to a
minimum. Older guys don't seem to like them much, except the one in my
tongue of course. heheWhen I was little, I used to watch Addam's Family reruns. I used to imagine
that Pugsly got kicked off the show and replaced by me. I would have been
so much cooler than Pugsley. That's when I began insisting on wearing all
black clothing.My favorite TV show is NCIS, My favorite actor is Mark Harmon/Gibbs, (I
love foxy, older men with grey hair). My favorite preteens hxxp actress is Pauley
Perrette/Abby, also from NCIS. I pretend that Abby is Wednesday Addams all
grown up, smart, vulnerable, and beautiful, like me. I was born in Nor Cali. At the age of 8 my rents split up and my mom moved
us to Bakersfield. We moved in with mom's brother, my Uncle Bill. If you
have ever considered moving to Bakersfield, don't bother. It sucks!Bill is nude preteen teens pretty cool. He owns a motorcycle parts house and also fixed them.Everyday after school, I would walk the posing preteen four blocks to Bill's shop and hang
out till my mom would get off work and pick me up.Lots of Bill's Biker friends would hang out in the shop and come and go all
day. I got to know all of them by their first names. My most vivid memories
of Bill and his buddies was the smell of preteen models gimnastics
the leathers they wore, their many
tattoos, preteen bbs magazine facial hair, and how tuff they looked and acted. Yet, for the most
part, they were all quite gentle with me. They treated me like family.
Soon, I started to call them all uncle. These guys were my roll models
growing up. Unlike TV shows and movies, most bikers work hard for a living
and are not drug dealers. Like being Goth, it's a lifestyle choice with
very kewl wheels.Bill's place of business had once been an old gas station and tire
warehouse.Like most old gas stations, the bathrooms were located outside. When I
would have to relieve myself, I would use the outside bathroom. This is
where I had my first sexual experiences.I thought the bathroom was cool because it was real old and someone had
carved pictures of penises all over the wood in the stalls and there were
also drawing and messages about stuff I didn't understand yet, but someday
would.Bill had an preteen free oral
preteen toplist illegal old time soda vending machine in the shop, except there was
beer inside it, instead of soda. The vending machine was a cool idea, as
there was always beer for Bill's customers, and it only cost a buck a
bottle. When his friends would drink beer, they would say "gotta piss" and
go outside to the bathroom and sometimes another friend would follow. I
just figured he had to piss too.One day when I was 9, I had to poop and was sitting in the stall farthest
from the urinals. I heard the outside door slam hard, I got startled and
pulled my knees into my chest, like when I would watch scary movies. The
door slammed hard again and after a minute I heard strange moaning sounds.
I quietly pulled up my pants, and crawled under the wall to the stall
nearest the urinals. I then very quietly sat on the toilet and picked my
feet up again so no one would see me.I could now see everything that was going on through a small hole in the
wall of the stall. One of my uncles was on his knees and my other uncle had
put his penis inside his mouth and 100preteen the one on his knees was sucking and
licking the other man's penis like it was a lollypop. I don't know why, but
watching this made me feel all funny inside and my little dick got all
hard.The guys would take turns sucking on each other's penises until one would
make loud moaning sounds and then they changed positions. After both men
made the moaning sounds, they kissed and hugged. One man said "Thanks
buddy" and patted the other man on the back and they left.Afterwards, I put my feet down and finished my poop. I then returned to
Bill' s shop, and waited for my mom to pick me up. I had no idea what the
men were doing, but got all excited every time I thought about it.After that, whenever I had to poop, I would always sneak out to the stall
nearest the urinals and put my feet up, so no one could see natural preteen nudists me. Sometimes,
I would even go out there when I didn't have to poop or pee. Guys didn't
always come in and play when I was there, but when they did, I loved
watching them.When I was 10, my uncle expanded his business and began selling BMX bikes,
skateboards, and related products, so kids my age and older preteen pics nudes
began coming
into his store. After lots of kids started hanging out in Bill's shop my
uncle moved natural preteen nudists the beer vending chubby preteen nonnude machine to the warehouse behind the old gas
station. Bill's buddies began hanging out there. They also started using
the bathroom in the back of the warehouse with a locking door, so I lost my
main source of entertainment.One day, I went into the old outside bathroom because I actually had to
poop and sat chubby preteen nonnude in my favorite stall. I noticed that someone had made my
little spy hole much bigger. The door slammed, I raised my feet and I
looked through the hole to see who it was.I recognized an older boy from the high school, one of Bill's customers. He
unzipped, pulled his dick out and peed in the urinal. Afterwards, he
started playing with it. He kept looking towards the door like he was
waiting for someone, but no one came in. He then walked over to my stall
and tried the door, which was locked. "Someone in there" he asked? I just
said "Yea, me." He went back around and looked through the hole and saw
that I was sitting on the toilet with my hard little dick in my hand. I
don't think he saw my face. He asked if I wanted to `play' and without even
having to think; I said "Sure."I started to get off the seat to unlock the door; but before I had a
chance, he stuck his dick through the hole. Now I knew what the hole was
for.At first I just sat there staring at his big dick, not sure what to
do. After about a minute, the kid said "Well, are you going to suck it or
what?" I figured I had better do it fast or he might get mad and leave.I put my hand around it and stroked it the way I saw the older men do it. I
had to use both hands. It was big. I pushed the skin back and forth and it
looked like a little pee came out of his pee hole. Without hesitation, I
licked the head, but it did not taste like pee, it tasted better (I
sometimes peed on myself in the bathtub at home and had tasted my own).After that, I just started doing what I saw the older guys do and got down
to seriously sucking the guy's dick. The more I sucked, the more I got into
it. I could only get about 3 inches in my mouth. A couple of times he told
me to watch my teeth and once I let it go in preteen young twat too far, gagged and almost
threw up. After a few minutes, I guess I was getting real good at it
because the boy started moaning and pumping his dick through the hole
faster and faster until suddenly all this warm goo shot out into my mouth
and down my throat. I was totally unprepared. I pulled my mouth off the
dick and started coughing and gagging. The boy looked through the hole
again and then started banging on the door and telling me to let him in.I finally got the door unlocked and the boy grabbed my hand and pulled me
up.I thought he was going to hit me and I turned my face away. Instead, he
stood me up and patted me on my back very gently till I stopped coughing.
He then helped me get my pants up and led me to the sink. He turned on the
faucet and instructed me to drink some water, which I did. After I drank he
washed my face and dried me off with some paper towels.He asked me if I was ok and I said yes.I looked down and the kid's now soft dick, which was still hanging out of
his pants. It had some of the white goo dripping off it. I reached down and
put some on my finger and tasted it. "It's not so bad," I told him. "What
is it?"It's cum, it's what comes out of guys dicks when they get sucked."I wiped some more cum off his dick a tasted it again."I like it. I guess I'll know what to expect next time."We both started laughing while he cleaned off his dick and put it back in
his pants.We went outside and talked while he smoked a cigarette.He asked if I was Bill's kid and said he recognized me from the shop. I
told him Bill was my uncle.He said, "Funny, I never figured you for gay.""What's gay," I asked?"Gay is guys who suck dick.""Oh, then I guess I must be gay" I said with a grin."That was your first time sucking dick, wasn't it?""Yea," I answered."Sorry, if I knew, I could have warned you about the cum.""It's cool, I'll know next time. Can I suck you again," I asked?He smiled and said "Sure, but let's keep it between you and me. Bill might
not like it if he knew, ok?""OK," I promised"So, what's your name," he asked?"Danny, what's yours?""Mike" He answered.At that Mike mussed my hair, smiled and told me I was kewl. He then went
back into Bill's shop, got his on his bike and rode off.To be continuedIf you like this story, you might enjoy reading my other story "Dude" from
Feb. 20, 2009, listed in Science Fiction & hot preteen xxx Fantasy.Any comments to wandererf65aol.com
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Monday, July 9th 2012

12:00 AM

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